Saturday, 15 October 2016

CT Scan

All too quickly our summer came to an end and so with it ended the dream we’d been living and we came back to reality with a bump. I still have Pseudomyxoma Peritonei and this scan will determine  what we do next.

So on Wednesday 12th October we found ourselves following the same familiar routine; up early for breakfast (I’m not allowed to eat four hours before the scan) and then the hour and a half drive to Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital.

First to the bloods clinic for the Pseudomyxoma blood tests and tests to confirm that I am OK to go ahead with the CT scan.

Next to the CT department and the usual black current flavoured dye. Most is consumed over the forty five minute period directly before the scan, the final bit immediately prior.

I was soon ushered into the changing cubicle and changed into my hospital gown. Next to the dentists type chair used by the nurses to insert the cannula that would transfer the contrast dye into my blood stream then on to the CT scanner itself.

The hospital was unusually buzzing with excitement today as Prince William was due there shortly to speak in the Ark centre. No one knew exactly what time he was due but the staff were all eager to catch a glimpse of their royal visitor.

I led on the scanner, the familiar beige and white sight of the circular scanner around me, the inner workings spinning quietly dissecting me into detailed X-ray images. Looking quietly but intently deep within me for the disease lurking inside. The contrast soon delivered through the cannula I felt that warm flush that radiates through the body and then the bed moved through the scanner. I closed my eyes and listened to the familiar voice instructing me to “ breathe in…………….hold your breath…………and breath out”. Once again the future is no longer in my hands…..