Sunday, 24 January 2010

SEVEN DAYS to go........

Sunday 24th January 2010.

One week to go. This time next week I'll be in Basingstoke and the pre-operative preparation will have begun. I'll be unable to eat food and only allowed to drink clear liquids.

I finished work on Friday. It was a tough day. The morning started well as I was able to keep busy and my mind off things. I then met all my friends and colleagues down the pub. There were loads of people and my bestist mate Jon arranged for part of the pub to be reserved for us! Lots of people came and it was great to see everyone.
I then did a tour of both sites saying cheerio to everyone who couldn't make it to the pub. I was hard and on a number of occasions I felt quite choked. I have worked for the company for 11 years now and made many friends many of whom I'm sure will be friends for life.
I made it back to my desk around 15:30 ready to clear up and was on the phone when I realised I was surrounded! I had a feeling there might be some sort of send off and was dreading it as I knew I would find it hard. My boss did a speech and handed me some cards, full of signatures and messages of good luck. There were also some vouchers and I was astonished as to how much they had raised for me. But that wasn't all. I was handed a box that was gift wrapped and told to open it carefully. Inside was a brand new net book. I was overwhelmed. I tried to do a speech but lost it half way through and that started some of the girls off! I cant even remember what I said and when I sat down after I was shaking! I was gobsmacked. I never in a million years expected that and it blew me away. It will mean that (as it has a web cam) both Tracey and I will be able to use it to video call the girls and see them every night. Something I know that Tracey will really cherish as she has been really torn between me and the kids and dreading leaving them.
For the first couple of weeks after the op I will probably be too ill to use it. But Tracey will be able to update everyone from the room at the hospital.
Once I'm back in the land of the living I too will be able to see my girls and of course mail my friends,update facebook the pseudomyxoma forum and of course this blog.
I owe an absolutely huge thanks to everyone at work for their kindness and generosity. Its really shown to me just how many really good friends I have and is very much appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

I had my last Sunday roast for a while today. Seems strange that these simple things we take for granted will just be taken away for a while. I think some things will change forever from next Sunday.

I have the week off now to spend with Tracey and the girls and get things prepared. We have already started saying cheerio to friends and family and are expecting a constant stream of well wishers this week. I'm a little worried that the free time and lack of work to distract me will allow me time to think about things. Friday shook me and I didn't sleep well after the emotional day. Last night or rather this morning I finally dozed off at 4am after some chemical help and I'm really tired now. An early night is in order I think....

I'll post daily now in the run up to the op.

MOAS -7 days.

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