Tuesday, 23 February 2010

3rd Feb 2010 MOAS +1

Tracey and Mum arrived in ICU to see me at around 09:30 I was semi awake and aware that they were there. I apparently had a good night and they were pleased with progress so far. They saw Mr Cecil again who confirmed that I had the full Sugarbaker and that some of my rectum and bowel had been removed. He was very pleased with the way the operation had gone and was confident that all the tumor had been removed.
Tracey and Mum then came back just before lunch and found that they were starting to bring me around and were going to remove the ventilator.At that point though I became rather agitated and was trying to communicate something. As I couldn't speak because of the breathing tube the nurse gave me a pen and paper and I wrote the word "Cold" down the best I could. The problem was I was still very sedated and could hardly see what I was writing let alone concentrate on what I was doing. Finally after about the 4th attempt they realised what I was saying and placed another blanket on me.
They came back after lunch and the breathing tube had been removed. Bloods were being taken every two hours and I had a PCA to administer my own morphine when required. I also had my first post operative chemotherapy. The chemo liquid is pumped into the abdomen where it stays for 23hrs and then is drained over the period of an hour and then the whole cycle repeated over the next four days.
I tried the spirometer breathing exercise machine given to me by the physio the day before and couldn't get it to work ( I was blowing rather than sucking!).
I was finding one of my chest drains very uncomfortable so they pulled it out slightly.
I also has special boots on each foot that would inflate with air and simulate walking to keep my circulation in my legs on the move and help protect against blood clots.
My temperature was high all day but they didn't seem too worried by it. I was in and out of sleep all day but the doctor was happy and said I was making good progress and a bit ahead of the game.

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