Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Stoma Reversal....the letter arrives.

I got the letter today that I'd been waiting for. I have been invited back to Basingstoke for the stoma reversal on the 6th/7th May.
I have to go up on the 6th for a Water Soluble Contrast Enema and providing that the results show that there are no leaks and that my bowl has healed properly then I will have the stoma closure operation done the following day.
The operation itself is only 1 1/2hrs long so quite a bit shorter than my last ordeal. In all I expect to be in hospital around 5 days to recover properly and to check that all is working properly. Luckily I have been booked into C ward again and hope that I'll benifit from their outstanding facilities and care.
I'm really looking forward to getting this done and out of the way. Obviously no-one looks forward to having an operation of any kind but for me it marks the end of a long drawn out ordeal that has been very stressful and taken us right to the edge at times.
I'm anticipating my recovery to be around three weeks or so and can then start to return to normal.Plan days out with the family, book a holiday, return to work and of course my passion for the outdoors with caving,climbing,walking and running.

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  1. Great news Dave but don't rush into things after it's done, give your body time to heal.

    Love Derek & H xx