Tuesday, 9 October 2012

8 Weeks since MOAS II-An update on progress.....

So it’s now 8 weeks to the day since my second MOAS (Mother of all Surgeries) and a great deal has happened on the last few weeks.

My recovery from the operation continues to go very well and I feel pretty good! My strength and stamina is returning and I find myself being able to do more and more. Every week that passes you seem to notice an improvement or that an ache or pain that you had is no longer there anymore.  The area that seems to be taking the longest to heal (not surprisingly) is along the line of the scar. The abdominal muscles below soon start to complain if I overdo things and are a reminder that it’s only been eight weeks since my surgery.
I am doing well with my eating and the volume I can eat is returning to pre MOAS II levels. That’s to say that I can eat a main meal but starters and dessert are out of the question. In total I lost about a stone in weight after the operation and I’m sure it won’t take me long to put it back on again, especially as physical exercise is still a bit difficult and will be for some time.

 With my recovery going so well, we decided last weekend to take a trip to Clevedon for a family day out. The girls took their roller blades and skated along the sea front for a while and then we made the most of the late September sunshine and sat outside a small cafe and ate lunch. With full bellies I persuaded the family it was time to walk it off so we headed along the cliff path towards Sand bay. We walked for around an hour and a half and took in the views of the Severn estuary, both Severn bridge crossings and the hills of Wales in the distance. We laughed and joked as we walked and I took the opportunity to take some photos with the new camera and hone my photographic skills! Once back in Clevedon we found a quiet spot and ate ice cream!

 With things going so well I have recently met with my employer and decided that I’ll return to work on the 22nd October. I’ll do a phased return over a two week period to make sure that I’m fit and able to cope with a busy days work. Luckily I have a desk based job and will be sat down all day but it is very busy and can be very tiring mentally!

Before my return to work I have a final X-ray booked for next Wednesday to check that my Pneumonia has gone. Previous X-rays clearly showed the fluid on the lung but I’m hopeful that this has now gone as I feel much better and can once again max out the Spirometer.

I am also pleased to say that the official launch of The Cancer Survivors Club book by Chris Geiger has been announced in Bristol as the 14th November. The Launch will be held at 18:30 at Foyles in Cabot Circus. As you are probably aware My Story features as one of twenty four inspirational stories from cancer survivors of various types. Tickets are still available but there is limited space so if you’d like to come then please book a ticket at-

Finally I have some sad news. I recently found out that unfortunately Dr. John Sime or “Biocat” as most people knew him lost his battle with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei on 14th July. John or Biocat was a valued member of the Christie’s Pseudomyxoma forum. John died at home with his wife Julia. John and Julia supported me during our Snowdon Horseshoe fundraiser with a donation for which we are very grateful. Our condolences go out to Julia and the family and we will all miss John’s input on the forum. 


  1. My mum was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei in May 2008, having had a suspected Hernia… A successful ‘MOAS’ followed at Basingstoke in the November, which was a truly horrendous time for all involved. It really was such a scary time, especially with it being such a rare disease that we hardly knew anything about. I just want to say that the blog you are writing is great and I’m sure will really help other people going through similar experiences. Even now, as Mum’s yearly ‘MOT’ looms nearer and all the memories come flooding back it helps. I want to thank you for sharing your experiences and wish you all the best with your return to work and hope you have many more ‘all clears’ over the years to come ☺

  2. Hi Anon!
    Just want to say thanks very much for the positive feedback. It's great to hear that my efforts are helping other sufferers and the newly diagnosed in some way.
    I hope that your mum continues to do well and remains PMP free. Good luck with the annual scan as I know what an anxious time it can be.

    Best wishes,


  3. A million thanks :) Wishing you all the best.