Thursday, 3 July 2014

Catching Up..

Somebody asked me the other day did I still think about Pseudomyxoma very much?
And the answer is simple....yes.....EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I have been lucky enough to have got the all clear at the last annual scan and to have enjoyed a cancer free year and in recent months made a conscious effort to take a bit of a step back for a while and concentrate on the family and managing my very busy day job. However my experience with Pseudomyxoma has had such an impact that I simply cant forget about it and crack on. The images are still burned into my memory and to be honest I think they always will be.

 We booked a holiday recently and were all very excited when we put the deposit down and secured our place but within minutes I realised that the holiday will be not long after my annual CT scan. Damn, so it’s either going to be a very good holiday or could be very subdued. Hopefully the former!
I’m expecting my invite to Basingstoke Hospital for my annual scan to land on the doorstep at any moment.  Like all of us I am nervous of what the outcome might be. To get another all clear would be new territory for me and break my previous record!

 Recent months have been very busy indeed. As usual my job has kept me very busy and of course being parents to two teenage girls is keeping Tracey and I on our toes! The months have been full of the usual family days out and manning Dad’s taxi.

Chloe has decided to join Jess in the Bristol Race for life event being run on Sunday 6th June. I’ll be a proud Dad. I’m proud that they are both supporting such a great event. I just hope the weather is kind for what should be a great day out and a wonderful experience for both of them.  If you would like to sponsor Jess and Chloe in their Race for Life event and help them achieve their fundraising target then you can do so by visiting their just giving page at-

I look forward to posting about the day with photo’s in the next week or so!

Over the past few months I have continued to make contact with fellow PMP patients via the blog site and lucky enough to make acquaintance with some very brave people and offer support to them where I can. It’s such a rewarding side to the blog site and I am glad that I can help in some way.

Regarding my own health I continue to do well. I continue to run two or three times a week and get a lot out of it. As well as the obvious health benefits I find it a great way to manage the stress levels. But I find it also has other physical benefits as well. After so much surgery on the bowl things aren’t quite the same as they used to be but running definitely seems to help. The difference is noticeable and if there are periods when I don’t exercise then the niggles and gripes sneak back in.

 I have also managed to sneak out and get some fishing done. It’s a hobby I have enjoyed since I was a young lad and these days escaping to a quiet spot on a lake somewhere in the sun is a perfect day out for me. Don’t really care if I don’t catch anything just being there in the outdoors is enough for me, especially as I am trapped in an air conditioned office all week long.

So lots of things happening in the next few weeks to report on....Race for Life & the Annual this space.

That’s me for now, over and out fellow PMPers!

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