Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Getting up to speed cont.....the appendectomy

I found myself being pushed to the operating theatre at approx 09:15. I had missed both Tracey and my mum and new that they would both be upset but in a way I was glad as I new saying goodbye to them would have been tough and probably only got myself worked up. As it was I think I was pretty out of it by this point and wasnt too nervous.
I was soon in the pre op room and had several people milling around me. A cannula was inserted into my left hand by the anesthetist and I was soon being injected with the anesthetic. Within seconds I was out.......
It was the first time I had ever had any kind of op an I was surprised how easy it was. I was out for the count, K.O'd. Its amazing really, they could have done absolutely anything to me and I would not have known. If things would have gone wrong I wouldnt have known either, it was easy. In a way it was also reassuring for what was to come..........

I was brought around in the recovery room after the operation. That was just a wierd experience......I was aware that there were two nurses around me who were talking. I cant tell you what the inside of the room looked like as it was all a blur and I was still well out of it and I think talking jibberish! My first memory is hearing both Tracey and my Mum's voice as I was being wheeled to the ward. I opened my eyes again and saw them stood waiting for me and managed a little wave.

Again I cant really remember the next few hours too well as I guess the anethetic was still affecting me. The surgeon came to talk to me breifly to advise that the operation went well but that it was one of the worst he had ever seen. Apparently what was left of the appendix was stuck to the ulum and cecum and needed to be cut away and that my abdomen was full of pus. The operation took an hour and a half longer than anticipated and I'd taken a long time to come around from the operation. However they had managed to persevere and do the operation laprescopically rather than open me up. This would reduce the chances of any infections.
I had also been fitted with a stomach drain to help drain the seline used to wash out my abdomen and any other gunk that wanted to get out. That was a bit of a shock as I wasnt pre-warned that I could have one of these when I awoke.

So I had survived thus far and wasnt in much pain at all, now it was just a case of getting the recovery out of the way and then get back to normal. I had a major caving trip planned for about six weeks time in Derbyshire to go and do Titan so I needed to recover quickly if I was going to make that.

Little did I know what was to come.......

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