Saturday, 17 October 2009


Hi......My name is David,

I am happily married to Tracey and have two beautiful girls....Jessica and Chloe. I enjoy outdoor life and my interests are Caving, Climbing, Fishing and running.......just about anything outdoors really!

Up until recently I have lived an very happy and healthy life and been blessed with being surrounded by by family who I adore.

However, that all changed in June '09 when after suffering a perforated appendix I was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer.....Psudomyxoma Peritonei.

This is my story in a diarised form. I will write entries as often as I can giving updates of my progress both physically and mentally on what are likely to be some very difficult times ahead. Hopefully my story can be read by others suffering from the same condition and will help them understand that they are not alone and may even help them in some way.......

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