Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wednesday 23rd February- 1st Annual Scan Results.

The last week or so has been agonising for us all. Waiting for the phone call to come or the letter to arrive constantly played on our minds.

I had been lucky and work was extremely busy with some major projects underway that meant my mind was occupied and the days flew by. The problem was that when I got home and relaxed the mind started churning things over and the “what if’s” thought about. This coupled with the tiredness from a busy days work and not the best night’s sleep meant that as the week progressed the worry and stress levels grew.
Tracey also worried. And like me it became apparent that the waiting was taking its toll. She had a few tearful moments and it was almost like re-living the initial diagnosis all over again.

Things came to a head today. I had been out for my first lunchtime run in a week, it had been hard and I’d really struggled. I didn’t feel on top of the world and the stress was getting me down. On top of that I worried about Tracey and how she was coping and there were signs that the girls were anxious too.

I was showering after the run and had a moment where I felt I was struggling to control things.
“This is stupid” I thought to myself. The only way I was going to put us all out of our misery was to call the hospital.

So dried and dressed I headed back to my desk and picked up the phone.
I rang the specialist nurse and left a message.

Within about half an hour my mobile rang and it was them. The moment of truth had arrived. Nervously I picked up the phone. It was Vicky.

Fantastic news! The scan results were clear and “There was no evidence of a re-occurrence” I was overwhelmed.
“ You’d better ring your wife!” She told me. It was the first call I made.

I also enquired after Lauren and was told that she was well and up and about and making good progress. More good news.

Tracey met me on the doorstep when I got home and we hugged and shed a few tears. Cancer free for another year.......

I tucked Chloe & Jess in last night and both were beaming and obviously happy with the news.
Chloe looked up from under her duvet and said..
“Three good things have happened today”
“Whats that?” I replied.
“It’s Aunty Lisa’s birthday and we had chocolate cake, Emily is coming to play on Saturday and your scan results are clear”
I gave her a big hug close to tears.......

A cancer free year ahead and a huge weight lifted from the entire family.........


  1. Great story, Dave, congratulations. Yeah, the waiting makes your head spin, doesn't it?

    Your next run should be very enjoyable!



  2. Hi Dave:) so very happy for you and your family to read your good news. I have been following your story since I got my initial diagnosis in June last year ( seems like yesterday still, the whole year just passed us by ) and you helped me through those initial weeks of getting the diagnosis and being told what my treatment was going to be. It is now well over 6 months for me since i had my surgery and then went on to have chemo and radio. I havent had a scan since so i am looking out for that really. Until then i am to believe that I am cancer free. Your story and strength is truly inspiring! thank you. Julianne. p.s. i think i have a proper profile now as i began a blog of my own.!!

  3. Hi All,
    Thank you so much for all your kind messages. It's so nice to have so much support.
    I'm really glad that you have found my blog useful Julianne and hope that your recovery continues to go well. I have also seen your blog and should be set up as a follower so look forward to reading your posts!

    Love and best wishes to all,

    Dave,Tracey & Girls

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I believe that you had your scan yesterday. I will have all my fingers and everything else crossed for you and look forward to good news on the 1st.
    Best wishes,


  5. Yes, I had my scan -- thanks for all your good thoughts! It was amazing how anxious I was beforehand, and tasting the "juice" brought "it" all back. For some reason, once I got in the donut, my anxiety went away. (Thankfully, I've been sewing like mad on a quilt -- the perfect thing to keep my mind occupied. Now to get all the grading done that I put off all vacation!) Plus, even though we got about a foot of snow yesterday, spring is in the air, which is a miracle in itself. Now for Tuesday afternoon : )

  6. Scans were CLEAR!!! Woo hoo!

  7. Hi Nancy,
    Thats fantastic news! I'm soooooo pleased for you and your family. This year is turning out really good already and we are only just into March!
    The news has really made my day!

    Well done.


  8. It's like I can finally exhale : )
    Here's to moving on . . .