Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fundraising Again.....!

Once again we are trying to raise as much awareness of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP) as possible and also raise as much cash as possible for the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospitals Pseudomyxoma and colorectal cancer trust fund.
It’s already been cited that the original number quoted of one person in every million being diagnosed with PMP per annum was probably wrong and that it is now more like two or three. This has only been brought about due to raised awareness of this rare disease within the medical profession and therefore more patients being referred to specialist centre’s like Basingstoke for treatment.

Therefore as a PMP survivor I feel it my duty to try and do my bit to raise further awareness of this devastating disease to anyone I can. The more people that are aware of it, the more the word spreads and hopefully more people correctly diagnosed and treated.

By raising cash to help support the Hospitals Pseudomyxoma and colorectal cancer trust fund we can also help fund improvements to the already outstanding specialist ward C2 at the hospital, help buy vital equipment and most importantly help fund the important research being done with Southampton University to try and find a cure.
Last year our Snowdon challenge raise a magnificent £5,200 which has been used to help fund the research and to also buy equipment for a physiotherapy room for recovering patients.

This year we have a number of events planned throughout the year and need as much support as possible to raise as much cash as we can. Let’s see if we can beat last year’s total?

So far we have planned to hold car boot sales where all the proceeds will go directly to the Pseudomyxoma and colorectal cancer trust fund. This is something the girls are looking forward to getting involved in.
I have also committed to run the Bristol Half Marathon on September 11th 2011 to raise funds and awareness of PMP. As many of you know I’m quite a keen runner already but have only been doing short runs. My first (and the last) half marathon was Stroud Half Marathon some 5 years or so ago so it’s going to be quite a challenge.
I’m pleased to say that Steve Treweeks (Bumper for those of you from the Christies forum) will be joining me for the run.
So needless to say I have to pull my finger out now and start pushing myself further.

To help with the fundraising I have once again opened a “Just Giving” page and will be adding a link shortly.

People being diagnosed with this rare cancer are on the increase. We need your help to raise awareness, raise funds and try to find a cure......
Please support us, dig deep and try to help us beat last year’s total.

Thank you



  1. Hi.

    I just in the mid'st of reading yr blogs and wanted to let you know it is a great help to read about your experience with this Rare cancer. In January 2010 The Christie Hospital confirmed that i had PMP and that i would have to undergo hours of surgery. I had the big op 11th March 2010. It is a great inspiration to read about your recovery and fund raising. :)

  2. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for taking the time to make a comment and I am glad that you are finding the blog useful.
    I hope that you are recovering well from your MOAS? We must be at a similar stage in our recovery?
    I have to say that it's only in recent weeks that I have started to regain my original level of fitness. It's a long old haul!

    Best Wishes,