Monday, 6 February 2012

Annual scan and 2year anniversary of my MOAS....

Last week was a busy week .......
Monday was the scheduled date for my 2nd annual CT scan at Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital. We made the usual drive to Basingstoke after a relatively early start. The weather conditions were not great and there was snow on the ground in Bristol and it was still snowing a little. However by the time we had passed Swindon this seemed to disappear and gave way to cold winter sunshine.

We arrived early at the hospital and headed straight for the CT scanning department. My appointment was not until 13:15 but we were hopeful that we could be seen before then. Luckily this was the case and I was soon issued with my Barium drink after some frantic calls to my local GP who had not sent the egfr blood test results through to the CT department as requested.

We then headed down to the bloods clinic for bloods to be taken and then back to the CT scanning department. Whilst waiting we got chatting from a couple from Norfolk (John & Dinah). As it turns out John was a fellow PMP patient who had undergone his surgery only a couple of weeks before me and left a day or two before I arrived. They both knew a couple of the fellow PMPers that we had become friendly with whist at the hospital (Paul & Ann and Margaret, if you are reading John and Dinah send their best regards!) and we had a good old chat.

Soon my name was called and the usual routine kicked in. I got changed into my gown, went through to the next cubicle to get the cannula fitted before finally heading through to the scanner. The whole process was soon done and I was back getting changed into my civvies and looking forward to a bite to eat!

We stopped in the canteen for something to eat and a coffee before heading back down the M4 to Bristol. Unfortunately time had run away from us and we did not have time to stop at C2 and say hello as we had to be back to meet the girls when they arrived home from School.

So now the nail biting has kicked in, I have spun the PMP wheel of fortune and await those all important CT results. If I haven’t heard anything by Wednesday then I’ll give them a ring....

Then on Thursday 2nd of February it was the 2nd anniversary of my MOAS. It’s hard to believe that two years ago now I faced such major surgery. It’s true what they say, some of the memories are starting to fade a little whereas others are still very much burned into my mind. I have to give thanks that thus far I have been well and that I have been very lucky when compared to other patients I know.

I have continued to keep myself busy and continue to raise funds for the hospital over the last few weeks I have been making up bird nest boxes and selling them locally. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to the hospital as the materials have been donated to me. I have had several orders that will now keep me busy at the weekend for the next few weeks and will kick start the fundraising for this year!

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