Friday, 17 February 2012

The PMP Hammer Falls Again......

I had a call late yesterday afternoon from Sue Alves, the specialist nurse at Basingstoke Hospital.
Not good news I’m afraid.

A small area of mucous was detected the size of a one pence piece on my bowel at the back of the abdomen.

The plan at the moment is to meet with my consultant; Tom Cecil and Sue at the PMP clinic in a few weeks time. Here we can discuss and understand in more detail what the implications are and what types of treatment may be on offer. Early discussion suggest that it is possibly operable (although any operation will be harder the second time around) or Chemotherapy. But until I have spoken with them in detail I don’t know the specifics.

The plan is to wait now for another CT scan in six months time so we can get an idea of how quickly this thing is growing and take things from there.

I took the call at 16:45 last night and decided to wait until I got home to break the news to Tracey and the girls; do it face to face. I dreaded it all the way home as I knew just how upset Tracey would be.

It was just as I imagined and no different from the first time around. Tracey was devastated and very upset. We told the girls as they knew something was going on and as has always been the case we wanted to be truthful and honest with them so they didn’t worry themselves.
Next I had to break the news to Mum and Dad. I knew how much this would upset them, they have been through so much what with dealing with Mum’s breast cancer after my MOAS the first time around.

My biggest worry is just how well my family will cope second time around. Tracey and the girls, Mum and Dad. Part of me thinks that at least we know more about what we are dealing with, we know what type of things we can expect, we know the team looking after me and we know the facilities at the hospital......

But I also know that second time around things become more complicated and are not easy to deal with.

We just have to watch and wait now and try and crack on the best we can.

The PMP Albatross weighs heavy again.......


  1. So sorry to hear this Dave, you have come so far, and got yourself so strong again. I know I have no idea what you have all been through, but you are a fighter and you will fight and beat this again. It seems so bloody cruel that you have wait 6 months to see exactly whats happening....but you will get through this Dave the only way you know how ...
    Sending loads of positive thoughts to you Trace and the girls....and still you continue to do your blog to help others I admire you.... (((((Hug))))) x x x x x

  2. sorry to hear that dude you need anything let me know.

  3. Dave -- Not the news you want to hear!!! My heart goes out to you, your wife, and kids. However, you have the next six months to get your body and psyche in the best shape possible, so if you have to have that operation, you will be ready. At least this time you will know what to pack in that overnight case : ) Take care -- I will be sending good vibes across the water.

  4. Dave, sorry to read this...hang in there, stay fit...this thing is often a slow grower. Mark is fit and well with no symptoms despite recurrence found a year ago. Thoughts with you and family as you deal with the blow.

  5. To All my friends, family and fellow PMP fighters,
    Once again we have been overwhelmed by your comments and messages of support, you are all truly amazing and we are so lucky to have you...
    A few days have passed now since the initial shock and I guess we are internalising things. Some encouraging comments have come from fellow PMP sufferer’s who have been here already and have reminded us not to panic just yet.
    We will continue to fight this as we have done before and continue to try and raise awareness of this rare disease.
    We love you all,
    D,T,J & C xx

  6. Dave man, so sorry to hear this. Chin high my good friend, you had to put up with me for 5 years! you can beat this

  7. Hi Dave,

    Really sorry to here the news,you are strong and I'm sure you can beat this blinking thing.

    I'm thinking of you all and if you (and your family) need anything then all you need to do is ask.

    Miss you lots


    Jo (in oz)

  8. Sorry to hear that.. It is really devastating! My grandma also suffers PMP for the third time.. She had gone two operations, in 2007 & 2010.. She's now 77 years old and operation is not advisable. ;(