Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tribute to Graham Davies

It is with sadness that I learnt today that Graham Davies a fellow PMP sufferer lost his battle with the disease.
 Graham was one of the first people to welcome me to the Christies forum when I made my first introductory post not long after I was diagnosed. He was an active member of the forum and always one of the first people to respond to posts from the newly diagnosed seeking help and support which Graham offered by sharing his story.
Graham also offered support via his website. It was one of the first PMP sites that I found after my diagnosis. I made contact with Graham and we mailed each other regularly.
Graham also came to visit me after I had my MOAS in February 2010 as he also had an appointment at Basingstoke. Sadly I was still in ICU and was not allowed visitors so I missed my chance to meet him face to face.
 Graham was a real inspiration and regularly posted photo’s and updates of his holidays and trips abroad with his family and friends which I know he loved.
 Graham suffered with a rare form of PMP involving the Urachus (a tube in the stomach that connects the bladder with the umbilicus and is only used pre birth). In May this year Graham learnt that surgery was no longer an option.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his family now at such a difficult time.
Rest in peace my friend.....

Graham's Story can be found at


  1. Oh my . . . His blog was one of the first ones that I found, as well. He always had such a great spirit and joy in the life that he had after his diagnosis. Makes me hug my loved ones just a bit tighter . . .

  2. I often read Grahams story and updates as my dad was diagnosed with pmp in december 2011 and had an operation in basingstoke hospital in february this year however they did not manage to remove all of the tumours or give him the heated chemo. We are currently waiting the results of a recent CT scan to see if the cancer has spread so this is a very anxious time for the family and we are very worried of the outcome. It is such sad news that Graham lost his battle with the disease and I hope he has gone to a better place and is at rest now. our thoughts are with his family and friends going through this awful time.

  3. Hello Anon!
    Thanks for the comment. Graham will be missed by us all. I hope that your Dad's results are favourable. It's always a nail biting time (I'm in the same position right now, just waiting for Sue or Vicky to phone!). The team at Basingstoke are great, you are in good hands!


  4. Its such sad news, he was always so positive, and there with advice, I read Grahams Blog first and also yours Dave.. Sad Times xxxx


  5. Hello again Dave,

    Great news to hear that you have a date for your next MOAS and that hopefully it will go smoothly from the scan results. We recently recieved the CT scan results for my dad which seems like it hasnt spread for the time being however we have also been advised that they are never looking to operate on him again due to it being advanced when they caught it and being too dangerous to open him up again which is upsetting news. He is still currently recovering from his first MOAS which he had in Febuary this year as he now has a permanent stoma and his body is finding it hard to store magnesium which makes him feel poorly. The next step to try for my dad was chemo however he is currently not fit enough to undergo chemo and so we wait in limbo again as to were we go from here. Sometimes it feels like we are fighting a loosing battle however it is reasuring to see people like yourself staying so positive through out and getting keep fighting this awful disease! sending good luck for your forth coming operation and hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for listening

    Heidi xx