Saturday, 11 August 2012

MOAS II -4 Days

Today we have spent the day at home making final preparations for our stay at Basingstoke. We have finalised the packing and prepared the house. Joyce arrived this afternoon and we got her settled ready for her stay with the girls.
 Various people have been popping in and out throughout the day and calling us on the phone with wishes of good luck.

 I also got myself  ready by getting a hair cut and some grooming! I'm quite hairy so also tackled the chest hair as last time around the nurses had a nightmare when it came to ECG's as the sticky pads kept falling off! My meds are also packed. Unlike many people who stop taking the antibiotics after a year or so of loosing their spleen I have continued to take them and apparently this is a good thing considering what I face in the next few days.

 We sat in the garden with the girls and had takeaway for tea and chatted away happily. Then tonight at the girls bed time reality hit home and there were a few tears from us all. We sat and hugged and reassured them that all will be OK and that we will be phoning them constantly and as soon as I'm able to receive visitors they can come visit. It is so hard, we will miss them dearly and I'm dreading saying goodbye again in the morning.

 So this is my last post from home. If I can get an internet connection at Basingstoke then I'll post tomorrow and Monday. If not then I'll record a diary in the same way I did last time and update the posts retrospectively when I get home. So there may now be a break for a while until I get home again.........wish me luck......


  1. Best of luck you hero, you'll kick its butt once more Dave.

    Give us a call if you need anything mate.


  2. Hi Dave, best of luck pal, already looking forward to you joining us in the new year running. Take care Barrie.

  3. Hi,

    Best of Luck with your MOAS, I had mine 24/02/2012 and so far so good. I have been following your Blog. We are currently travelling around Australia on my Long Service Leave. Will check in to see your recuperation. My follow up scans and blood tests are also nervous time.

    Rest Well, Heal Quickly and hope to read updates soon

    Les (Brisbane)

  4. Thinking of you!!!!!

  5. thinking of you and your famolu today,
    best of luck
    you're in the best of hands xx

  6. All the best Dave.....sending you Trac and the girls loads of love and strength to help you all through.......... x x x x x x x

  7. Hi Dave

    I have been popping in following your blog over the last 2 years since we first met and just wanted to say I hope all goes well with the surgery again this time.

    All the very best

    Paul Halling

  8. Heard about the pneumonia - that just stinks!!! Keep breathing in that spirometer!!
    love to you and the family,

  9. Hi All, Thank you all so much for the comments of support. As you have probably now gathered I am back home safe and sound after the op and am in the progress of gradually updating the blog with all the recent goings on....

    Steve, (Bumper) Thanks for all your support whilst we at Basingstoke it was great!
    Barrie, Whith a bit of luck I'll be back running again soon and dragging you and Su up those hills!
    Les, Really Good to hear from you! It's nice to have a follower from down under. I hope your recovery continues to go well.
    Nancy, Your ongoing support has been great. Thank you so much!
    Hey Lauren, Thanks for your message of support, I hope that you too are well?
    Deb, again your on-going support has been great. You must pop around for a cuppa before the kids go back.
    Hi Paul, I hope all is well with you? Again thank you for your kind words of support.

    I look forward from hearing from you all soon!