Friday, 10 August 2012

MOAS II -5 Days.....

This last week at home with the family has been great we have been blessed with some beautiful weather that has allowed us to enjoy our time together. We have done family days out to Tyntesfield (National Trust) and also to Monkey World in Dorset. We packed pic-nics on both days and enjoyed ice cream! Fantastic days and quality time together.

 For me things are different this time around. For some reason I don't feel as worried as last time around. I'm level headed about it, I know it's a big op but I'm definitely more relaxed. Perhaps its because I know what's looming and that I'm in good hands. At this point last time around I was having trouble sleeping and the doctor gave me some pills to help. This time around I have had no such problem and have slept like a baby so far........

 Don't get me wrong I know I cant get lulled into a false sense of security and do have some fears; I worry that they may find more than just what can be seen on the CT scan and not be able to get it all out, I worry that I may get complications or infections and I worry about the hallucinations cause by the drugs. But I'm not as anxious as last time around......It's odd as perhaps I should be?

 I have received loads of support so far and have had cards and chocolates given to me and many messages from Facebook and here on the blog. I also have taken calls from Paul in Malta and Margaret from Dublin who I shared my stay with last time around. It was great to hear from them both.

 So are bags are pretty much packed, only the things we are using still to go in. Joyce is arriving tomorrow to stay with the girls again and we plan to leave home for Basingstoke Sunday morning to be there to check into the ward at midday.

I cant believe it only five days to go, time flies so quickly......

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  1. Good luck & god bless. Uncle Derek & H xx