Sunday, 17 January 2010

The big day looming ever closer.....

Sunday 17th January 2010

This week has been prety good really. With the big day looming ever closer its always at the back of my mind now. Its like a dark cloud looming ever closer and although you may be busy in the sun you are aware of it slowly creeping up on you with no where to run.

Work has been busy and thats a good thing. Its kept me thinking of other things and has been quite tireing but this has meant that I'm remaining pretty positive and am sleeping pretty well at night too.

Its my last working week this week before the operation and we have arranged to meet at the pub to say cheerio to all my freinds and collegues for a while. That will be tough.

I have been in for more innoculations this week. Pneumonia, Meningitus and something else I cant remember. These are to basically offer more protection if my spleen is removed which is pretty certain to happen. I also had an MRSA screen.

Freinds have begun to pop by to wish me the best. Many of whom now I wont see until after the operation. Thats also tough.

We are meeting with my parents this afternoon to start to plan things. Tracey and Mum need to get organised for their stay and ensure that they have everything and are prepared.

I need to get sorted now too. I wont need much, PJ's, smellys, books (although I'm not sure I'll be able to concentrate on these), DVD's & MP3.
I also want to write letters to my beutiful girls before I go.....just in case. The very thought of this brings tears to my eyes even as I type but I have to do this.

I have decided that as I wont be able to post to this blog for quite a while I'm going to ask Mum & Tracey to keep a diary for me whilst I'm in hospital. I want them to start right from day one and for it to be as detailed as possible. I'll then trancribe this to the blog retrospectively as soon as I am able to do so.

The clocks ticking and the dark clouds are looming.......tick, tock.....

But right now believe it or not I am positive. I know what needs to be done and have an idea of whats to come. I have been out running again this week and will run again next week. It helps keep me sane, gives me something to vent my stresses on and of course, most importantly keeps my cardio vascular system in good condition ready for the op.

MOAS -14 days

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