Sunday, 10 January 2010

Christmas, New Year and the last big adventure (for a while.....)

Sunday 10th January 2010.

Its been a while since I have posted so I thought it was time for an update!

Christmas went very well all things considered.We all had a great time and Christmas day was spent with the family. Its like I always say....."put the effort in and you'll get the rewards back". We did put in the effort and it was great!

New Year was spent with the family and friends at the local rugby club.Again it was a great night. The turn of the year was tough though, we all had a few tears as our thoughts of whats to come filled our heads. But 5 minutes later we were all back dancing and having a good laugh!

I did manage a day out walking too. Rather than the usual Christmas caving trip we headed for the Brecon Beacons and went walking instead. Corn Du, Pen-Y-Fan and Cribbin were under a thick balanket of snow and ice and it was a challenging day. We all finished up with a great meal in a local pub!
I'm lucky I am still symptom free and can therefore do these things. There are many PMP sufferers whose lives are awful prior to treatment.
I think it was my last big adventure for a while......

I spoke to the hospital last week. Some good news. The last lot of bloods that were taken showed that dispite my liver being surrounded by the tumors its function is normal. My renal function is also normal and I'm not anemic. The tumor markers remain high though....and I guess thats to be expected.

The flat is all booked for Tracey and my Mum so we are all ready to go.

I have been feeling well. No symptoms make that easier but mentally I'm also well. Apart from a couple of nights troubled sleep (for which I have some chemical help!) I feel OK. I have been swimming with the kids and running regularly too. I have to remain as fit as possible and keep my cardio vascular system in the best condition possible to put me in the best position possible to get through such a massive op. I'm running for my life now!

MOAS -21 days

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