Friday, 29 January 2010

THREE Days to go......

Thursday 28th January 2010.

Today we did the last of the weekly shops before going to Basingstoke. making sure we got all the supplies in for Joyce and the girls.
Tracey and I then went to the pub for lunch. We decided that we should have an early Valentines meal as we wont be able to do it on the day. We had a nice time just the two of us at our favourite local country pub- The Cross House at Doynton.

My brother came to visit in the afternoon and we again played around with the new technology and set up the wireless network on the WII so the girls can surf the net via this too if they want.
I was tired and had an early night. Again using my sleeping pills to help me nod off. I dont want to become relient on these but I feel its important to go into the Operation with the body well rested even if its chemically induced!

MOAS -3 days

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