Thursday, 25 February 2010

Friday 5th Feb 2019 MOAS +3

I again had a fairly comfortable night. but because I had no windows in the room I had lost all sense of night and day and could not tell what the time was. There was a clock directly in front of me the hands seemed to move really slowly and time stood still. Was it day or night? who knows!
When Tracey and mum arrived I was sat up in bed and they thought I looked a little better. I had been given a bed bath and had my teeth cleaned. I was still very tired though.
Whilst they were there the doctors visited along with Sue. They checked out my wound and the abdominal area and were pleased with progress. The ICU doctor also checked me out and said that it wouldn't be long before I'd be moved to the HDU (High Dependency Unit).
That day the family visited, Jess & Chloe, Joyce,Stephen and Dad. Dad couldn't come in as he had a slight cold and didn't want to pass it on. The girls did not come in either as we felt the time was not right and that it would only scare them seeing daddy in the way he was.
Initially just Stephen and Joyce came in, I was very tired as the physio had again been in and sat me in the chair. As soon as Stephen saw me his face said it all, he was physically shocked by what he was seeing and it was written all over his face. I was too tired to talk and they only stayed 5mins or so before leaving me to sleep.
They came back at 14:00hrs and I was better so they spent a bit longer with me. I had a reaction to the intravenous paracetamol that was being administered throughout the day. It seemed if the drip was turned on too fast I would have some kind of reaction so it could only be administered very slowly. It was strange as they had never come across that before. Again this always made me sleepy.
I did look better that afternoon and as well as moistening my lips with damp swabs I was also given ice cubes to suck. I had an unquenchable thirst.
Again that afternoon the Chemo was drained and the fresh lot administered.
Mum and Tracey came back to see me around 18:00hrs. I was again very tired after having the paracetamol but more settled as it had been given very slowly.
Again the hallucinations were there. I closed my eyes and could see pink fluffy rabbits whizzing around on a roundabout, their ear flapping in the wind!
Again I was hot but in all fairly relaxed. The drain on my left side was leaking a little but the nurse said that this was ok and would not get infected.
I also was convinced that Chris P from the Psuedomyxoma Forum was on the ward getting treatment. I told Tracey to go and check it out as I was convinced he was there. Again this was just all side effects from the drugs. Hallucinations, I was loosing touch with reality.

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