Thursday, 25 February 2010

4th Feb 2010 MOAS +2

I had a good night and was fairly settled. Mum and Tracey came to see me at 09:00. They couldn't come in straight away as I was with the physio. Despite all the pipes and tubes hanging out of me they were determined to get me out of bed and in a chair nearby. What a palaver untangling everything just for a few minutes in the chair. Whilst all this was going on one of the doctors paid Tracey and Mum a visit and again said how well I was progressing. They soon came back in and spoke with the physio. I used the spirometer but only managed to reach 1000ml when pre-op I'd sent it off the scale at over 5000ml, what a difference in lung capacity. All the exertion took its toll and I was pretty wiped out.
Around 10:00am the hallucinations started. To begin with they were manageable, if only I knew how bad they would get. I started seeing things on the wall behind mum and Tracey. Writing on the wall, a bark effect and cracks in the wall. My vision was also bad and images were flicking in front of me. I was getting hot and agitated.
The doctors came to see me and explained that it was due to the build up of pain killers and chemicals in my system so they decided to turn off the Ketamine. By the time evening had come I had calmed a little but was still hot.
They also swapped my oxygen mask with a tube placed up my nose as this was deemed more comfortable. I still had all the drains in but little were draining from them.
At 15:30 I had another dose of inter peritoneal chemotherapy. Basically they drained off the last lot through my stomach drains and then filled me with a fresh lot which will stay in me for the next 23hrs.
Mr Moran came around in the evening and again confirmed that all was going very well.
Tests were also done on my spittle and urine for infection.

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