Thursday, 18 February 2010

One day to go.....

Monday 1st February.

Today was a busy day. I was started on more Ducolax first thing and then the consultants started to arrive. I was visited by Susan the specialist nurse, the anethatist, two of the surgical team,the physio therapist who gave me a lung capacity test and was surprised when I litrally blew it of the scale! It was the fist time he'd seen it! How different things would be after the operation.
My obs were taken regularly and every time my blood pressure was up. I think it was starting to concern the nurses, it was mentioned to the consultant but I explained that I suffered from "white coat hypertention" and that seemed to satisfy them.

The day ticked by quite quickly and I was surprisingly relaxed. In the afternoon I was given a third dose of the Ducolax and this finally started to work.
That evening we were given the tour of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). that was scary, seeing all the machines. But every bed was attended by one nurse and again the atmosphere seemed fairly relaxed.

Then that was it ,everything done. Tomorrow was the big day. The nurses would get me up early to allow me to have a shower and clean my teeth etc... I would be taken down to surgery between 07:00 and 07:15. Tracey and mum would be there to see me off.
I would also be given some medication to sedate me a bit and settle me down.

From this point onwards Tracey and Mum would keep a diary that I will transcribe as I was clearly unnable to do it myself.

MOAS -1 day.

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