Monday, 24 May 2010

Getting back to normal......

I've been home a couple of weeks now and am recovering well. The wound from the stoma closure is taking a while to repair itself due to the type of wound that I have. The nurse is coming every few days to re-dress it and clean it up. I anticipate it being another three weeks or so before its properly healed.

It's great to be home though and whilst I cant do everything yet due to restictions on lifting and so on I'm doing most things now. I will be glad when I can get back to some rough and tumble with the kids and take them swimming again. It'll be a while yet before I can get back to caving due to its physical nature but I have been out walking.

I have found myself thinking about PMP less in the last week or so. Sure there is not a day goes by where I dont have to tend to the dressing I have in some way but in terms of PMP its no longer the heavey weight I have been carrying around with me for the last year. We are starting to plan for the future and have some things to look forward to.

The big news is that I return to work on the 1st June. Initially just doing 1/2 days to get back into the swing of things but I hope to very quickly be back to normal and doing full days. Again another step back to normality.

On 15th of May I had an anonomous comment from a follower that really made my day. This person is a fellow PMP sufferer in the U.S.A who has been following my blog. They had their operation about the same time as me in Portland, Maine. The comments that this person made really made me happy and have made all the effort writing this blog worth while. They said that my blog had helped them and that they enjoyed reading it. Knowing that I have helped just one fellow PMP sufferer is just reward and I was touched by their comments.It's exactly why I wrote this blog and I hope it will help others too. So this is a personal and heartfelt thank you to that person for those kind words and I wish you luck with your story.

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