Friday, 14 May 2010

Stoma closure day +2 Sun 9th May

I awoke feeling much better, still getting the odd stomach cramps but not feeling quite so sick. The doctors arrived quite early. One of my consultants said that i shouldnt have been given the food and should only have been on a liquid diet until by bowels had started to move. Basically what had happened is after the operation the point where the bowel had been joined back together had obviously swelled as all wounds do after injury. This had the effect of closing the bowl temporarily until the swelling eased, in effect acting as a break. What then happened is that as I ate the food backed up in my stomach until the only way out was by vomiting. I now had to take a step backwards, only taking in liquid until my bowels started to work and then introduce food slowly.
Whilst there the doctor looked at the wound. Its a circular type wound that has a single stitch running around it like a "purse string". The centre of the wound is then left open with some gauze in it so the wound heals from the inside out and then any unwanted gunge ouzes out and is absorbed by the gauze rather than get trapped in. Over this is a small dressing. Everything was fine and the dressing was changed.
Throughout the morning I felt ok but again, taking in liquids throughout the day this seemed to back up and at 16:00 I was sick again.Afterwards of course I felt better again.
The doctor called again later and advised that if the vomiting did not settle and my bowls started to work then I would need a drip and possibly a Nasogastric tube (N.G tube).
I had a ok nights sleep but was still uncomfortable and suffering with bloating and indigestion.

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