Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Off to Basingstoke and making tentative plans for the next adventure..

So here we go again, early tomorrow we head off to Basingstoke for yet another stay in hospital. It'll be my third in a year. Hopefully though this one will be much easier than the last one. My appointment for the water soluble enema is at 10:30 am so will mean we will have to be on the road by 07:00 to do battle with the rush hour traffic.
The aim of the scan is to inject a dye into my bowl allowing the doctors to watch the dye's progress as it travels through my system. They will be looking for any leaks in my bowl where it has not healed properly from the MOAS allowing the dye to escape into my abdominal cavity. Hopefully that wont be the case and the dye will stay within the bowl and this means its healed properly allowing the stoma closure operation to go ahead on Friday.
Once the scan is completed I then have to go up to "C" ward for admission and to get myself settled while we await the results of the scan.
I don't feel too worried about the prospect of yet another operation, third time lucky! That said I haven't slept too well in the last few nights and will probably use some chemical help tonight to ensure a good night and arrive at the hospital well rested. I'm hoping I'll be re-admitted to ward C2 where I know I'll get a peaceful nights sleep but that's not guaranteed.
The operation is far less invasive this time and only takes around 1 1/2 hrs so not too much anesthetic. I'm hoping that this will mean that I'll feel a bit better when I come around and will recover quickly. I'm keen to get back to normal now,start work again and all the other things that I enjoy and also book that holiday with the family.

I plan to do the same as when I had the MOAS and write a detailed diary whist in hospital that I can update here once I'm back home. The estimated stay in hospital is between 3-5 days so I hope by Wednesday of next week to be back home. We'll see....

In the last few days I have been up to my old tricks and planning the next big adventure. It of course relies on me making a good recovery and being strong again by the end of August as that's is when I'm planning it for. "What is it" I hear you ask?
well you'll just have to hang on a while as I'm not going to announce it properly until I'm confident that I'm well enough to do it, I don't want to tempt fate. But its going to be good and its going to be a fundraiser for the hospital and research into PMP. The plans are firming up however and a team is in the process of being put together. We know what we want to do and details are being finalised. I just have to get fit!
It's been good actually as its meant that I have had something to focus on,something to organise, and to look forward to. Watch this space.......!


  1. Good luck, we'll be thinking of you and no doubt we had better save for some sponsorship!!! Love Derek & H x

  2. Hope it goes well tomorrow and we'll see you again very soon. Love Keryn x

  3. Hey completely missed the last one!! Sorry didn't realise you went in last week. I will have to catch up with another cuppa. (Although got a bit of a throat at the mo,so not wise to come round just yet!) Glad you're home now and it all went well, you're coping really well, Trac and the girls must be really proud of you. Take Care Dave x x