Friday, 14 May 2010

Stoma closure day +3 Mon 10th May

I immediatly felt better today after a descent nights sleep. Again I still was only on a liquid diet so went without breakfast again today. As I was feeling ok (ish) I met Tracey in the morning and w went for a walk and sat down on some benches where we could look out on some ponds with fish in. I was still not right though,constantly shifting around as i couldnt get comfortable.
I again had a liquid lunch but I could feel things backing up again. There was still no sign of any movement and there was much interest into my bowl movement and flatus!
Tracey arrived at 14:00 as ususal and could see I was still not right and was going downhill fast. I was in constant pain, felt sick and bloated.
I called the nurse and said that I was feeling unwell and that it was not a case of if I was going to be sick but when. For that I got another antisickness jab in the bum which made me feel equally woozy again. So now I felt faint, and in discomfort. The doctors were called.
They arrived promptly and both Mr Moran and Mr Cecil were there, they could see I was suffering. I asked for the N.G tube. They were surprised. People dont generally ask for this as its not a nice proceedure. Basically the tube is fed via the nose down the throat and into the stomach where excess liquid is then drained out into a bag. All the time you are wide awake. But I was in pain, I felt awful, I needed this.
"O.K" they said "We'll do the N.G tube and insert a drip as you are getting dehydrated".
The nurse's arrived back promptly and got straight on with it thankfully whilst my mind was made up. It was horrible. I have to say it was one of my worst hospital experiences so far and was pretty sick. But the effects were immediate. I sat quiet for the next couple of hours with the curtains drawn around the bed whilst I settled from the whole experience.
Tracey came to visit me at 18:00 and by then I was feeling better although the n.g tube does irritate your throat. The sickness had eased and I was feeling a bit better. I had a quiet evening and didnt do much at at all.
Around 22:00 though things started to change, I needed the toilet. I got up quickly and made my way to the bathroom.
Celebration time! Things were starting to work! I emerged from the bathroom with a big grin and bumped straight into Moana one of the nurses.
" You been?" she said in her phillipeno accent.
"Yup" I replied smiling.
"Thats brilliant Dave,hooray"
I walked into the ward and all eyes were upon me. I said nothing just gave the thumbs up and a huge cheer went up! It was really funny. I think secretly they just all wanted a good nights sleep. They got it. It was a busy one for me though!

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  1. Dear Dave,
    I had my operation for PMP almost the same time as you -- Jan. 18 -- and your blog has helped me when I have been discouraged. I had no idea how long the recovery would take -- since I have never really ever been sick before, I was totally blind-sided by the whole thing. I did not have to have a stoma, but did have to have a second operation a week and a half after the first because my small intestine got twisted. Somewhere in there, I had to have the NG tube re-inserted and agree that it has to be the worst experience ever. Waiting for that first real fart and bowel movement was excruciating (but such a relief when digestion finally happened.) I am finally feeling like myself again, but it has taken awhile! I live in a small town in the USA and was incredibly blessed to find a ferocious and passionate surgeon in Portland, Maine, who was knowledgeable about this very strange disease. I wish the best for you and your family, and thank you for this blog.