Monday, 24 May 2010

The Snowdon Horseshoe Fundraiser

I'd decided whilst in hospital at Basingstoke that once I was better I was going to do some fundraising to help the hospital. To try and give some thing back.

I racked my brains to try to come up with something that I could do that would be a challenge but not out of my reach considering what I had been through and the fact that I wouldnt be as fit as I had been.
The obvious thing that sprung to mind was the descent and ascent of Titan in the Peak district. This was a caving trip that we had booked last year but was cancelled due to my appendix bursting. Realistically this would be too tough at the moment though. The cave shaft is higher than the London eye and whilst the descent may not be too much of a problem the subsiquent prusik back up would be a killer and I just wont be ready for it. Maybe next year....

I'd recently done some walking and enjoyed it. Two weeks before the MOAS me and a group of freinds had walked Corn Ddu, Pen Y Ffan and Cribbin in about a foot of snow and sub zero tempretures. It was a big change from caving but we had all enjoyed it.
Walking would be easier, all I'd have to do is decide what and where?

Some months ago I had seen countryfile or something like that where the presenter walked the Watkin path on Snowdon. It looked great. I knew that it formed part of the famous Snowdon Horseshoe a tough and challenging walk. So I started some research.
The walk itself is only about 7 1/2 -8 mile long but is very challenging. Snowdons summit is some 3560 feet above sea level (Pen Y Fan 2907 ft). There are a few routes up the mountain but the Horseshoe takes in the daunting Crib Goch traverse which is only possible to be done in the right weather conditions. The walk takes around 6-7 hours on average to do. It sounded perfect!

So with the challenge sorted I then had to work out when would be the best time? I had to consider my fitness levels and giving myself time enough to get fit for the challenge coupled with getting our best chance with the weather and of course trying to get a team together that would all be available on the same weekend?

Finally we have decided on the weekend of the 20th,21st and 22nd of August. Leaving after work on the Friday and camping at Llanberis overnight. Doing the walk on the Saturday and again staying overnight and returning Sunday.
The team so far is

David Mason
Stephen Mason
Tony Mason
Jon Mason
Andrew Jackson
Rhys Whickham
Steve Read
Scott Bates

All have agreed to help fundraise. I have also set up a seperate blog page for the walk so you can follow our progress with training and of course report back on the big day itself. Most importantly a "just giving" page has also been set up to allow donations to be made on line. Links to both pages are in the useful links section.

The money raised will be donated to the Basingstoke and Northampshire Hospitals charity and specifically the Pseudamyxoma Peritonei fund. The money will be used to help fund research into PMP that is being done in partnership with Southampton University and also to buy equipment for the specialist ward.

If you wish to donate than you can either see one of the team members listed above or of course do it on line via the "Just giving" site. All donations are gratefully recieved and will be put to good use helping sufferers of PMP and funding research into this devestating desease........Thank you!

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