Friday, 14 May 2010

Stoma closure day +1 Sat 8th May

I had a good night, I'd been moved to the next ward down late yesterday evening and now had new room mates but had slept well and again felt ok.
In the usual manner we were awoken at 6am by the nurse doing the observations;blood pressure, o2 saturation,heart rate and temperature and then the meds round. Most of us dozed in between.
Breakfast was served at 09:00 and I had some rice crispies and toast. As people surfaced and became more with it the introductions were made. I was in a middle bed in two rows of three. To my right was a chap called Paul, an older fellow who'd been the CEO of some engineering company. He'd lost his right big toe due to diabetes. Opposite him was a chap called Colin who like to be called "Micky" owing to the fact that his surname was Finn. Opposite me was Albert, in his 90's and acutely deaf he'd sit in his chair missing out on the conversation around the ward,reading his paper with his hearing aid whistling! To my left was Terry a quiet but well spoken chap who had been in for some fairly major bowl surgery and opposite him was Dave, a captain Nemo look a like with a broad Lancashire accent. We all hit it off well.
The day rolled by slowly as they often do in hospital. Tracey couldn't meet me until 14:00 so we spoke on the phone and text each other. Dinner was served at 12:00. A mild chicken curry with rice. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. Throughout the afternoon I increasingly felt worse and worse. Stomach cramps,bloating,heartburn and pain. I felt sick. I started vomiting around 4pm and didn't stop until 4am on Sunday morning. I felt awful,in pain and tired. The night duty doctor was called and came to see me I had been given Omeprezole to help with the reflux, Cyclizine tablets. The doctor advised that if the vomiting didn't stop they may need to do some x-rays to see what was causing it. They gave me a further two anti sickness injections in my backside that made me feel really woozy and then I slept.....

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