Tuesday, 9 March 2010

9th March 2010 My five week anniversary.....MOAS + 5 weeks

Its now five weeks to the day that I had the operation. How things have changed! In the last week I have finally started to put on a couple of pounds and this has coincided with a huge improvement in my strength. The picture above was taken at the weekend when I went walking with my family on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. We are lucky that is so close and the semi rural surroundings make it a joy to walk. I'm now managing walks of around 3/4 hr regularly and am thinking about increasing it a bit more next weekend. I am treating my walks just like my running training. I have a long flat route to build endurance, a shorter hilly route to build strength and a short flat route for when I'm just too tired for the others (which I haven't done for a while now).
Mentally I also feel stronger and far more lucid. As time has passed dealing with what I have been through has become easier and the hallucinations are fading into the past although still make me uncomfortable when I think of them. I have finally also started planning my future a bit. Something I hadn't done pre op. We have tentatively talked about a family holiday later in the year after my second operation has been done and I have a few months work under my belt again. Never the less something to look forward to.
The caving and climbing will have to wait a bit I think until I am really fit. In the mean time I plan to do some fishing through the summer months and continue with my walking. Who knows I may get back up Pen-Y-Fan before the year is out. I also want to take the kids camping and do some of the things we have been putting off.

Food is becoming easier and slowly the volumes are increasing. I still cant manage a full meal at the moment though so am still supplementing meals with the Fortisip shakes.
I have no pain so have cut out all the painkillers totally although I am still taking medication to help settle the stomach and of course the Penicillin which I will have to take for at least the next year now that I am without a spleen. My Platelets are still high (1700) so I am also still on the Aspirin to thin the blood.

In all things are really starting to look up and I'm feeling pretty good. Just need to keep working on my food intake and getting back to full strength although I think that could be a slow and frustrating process.


  1. Wow Dave, well done. Really good to hear you are on the mend. Sounds like 2011 could be the start of some big events, eh? Grab the bull by the horns. A young friend of mine in South Africa has also undergone recent cancer treatment (last nine months) and is on the road to recovery. He feels he has been given a new lease on life, a second chance. It's amazing what a healthy attitude can achieve.

  2. Great site - drop me a friend request on Facebook (Anne Dunn) - there are loads of us PMPers from all over the world on there sharing stories and experiences. Many from the forum (AnnieD) as well.

    It would be great to hear from you. Anne x

  3. dave and tracy this site is so inspiring .keep up good work.my best wishes to you both xx
    christine fellow pmper

  4. Hi,
    I've been reading your website and the diary of your recovery from the 'MOAS'. It has been so helpful. My dad is nearly 4 weeks post op from 'MOAS'. He had it at basingstoke hospital.

    He had a massive panic attack tonight. He doesn't feel like he's getting better. He's totally off his food but is trying to eat. What medication did you take to settle your stomach? Also, when do you think that he'll start to feel better? From reading your diary it was around 5 weeks for you. My dad is 65 but a young and active 65 year old.

    Thanks, a worried daughter

  5. Am looking at starting this whole process in the next few months, am rather scared, find your blog great for a 'heads up'