Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sunday 14th Feb-MOAS + 12

I had a quiet day today. It was Valentines day and Tracey and I exchanged cards. We had been out for a meal prior to me being admitted as we knew that I wouldnt be up to it afterwards.
It was a quiet day. All my pipes and drains had been removed and the nurses were only administering pills as and when I needed them.
The highlight of the day was that the family were coming to see me. The girls, Joyce,Stephen and Lisa and of course Tracey, Mum and Dad. It was great to see my girls for the first time and it was a tearful re-union. I managed about an hour and ahalf and then grew tired and had to leave them. They spent another few hours at the flat with Tracey whist I rested.
The stoma nurse came by and again I went through changing the bag. This went without a hitch and she issued me with my stoma kit and ordered supplies to be delivered to our house mid week so I had all I needed. She was happy and signed me off.
The last hurdle had been overcome.

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