Saturday, 6 March 2010

Monday 15th Feb- MOAS + 13 GOING HOME DAY!

Today was the day....I was going home. I was well ahead of schedule and had surprised allot of people. We had been advised prior to the operation to expect to be in hospital for three to four weeks. I had done it in two. I can only put that down to the fact that I had been so fit and well beforehand and had looked after myself beforehand. For me I didn't just get fit for the operation I had been keeping fit and eating well for years, it was a way of life for me.
The morning passed by quite quickly. One of the doctors popped by to say that my platelette count was very high (over 2000) and that I would need to take Aspirin to thin the blood until the platelette count fell below 700.
I was also weighed I was down to 11 stones 7lbs from 12 stones 13lbs prior to the op.
After lunch the nursing staff asked me to vacate my room as they needed my bed for another patient. I got dressed into my civvies for the first time. It felt strange I was becoming human again but was apprehensive about venturing outside of my bubble.
Sue came by around 14:00hrs and de briefed us. She ran through all my meds and had produced a spreadsheet telling me when to take what and when. A real help. She also went through the operation in detail explaining what had been done thoroughly. I was glad that we had left it so late to do this as I was finally lucid enough to take it all in.
Then we were just waiting for my meds to be issued by the pharmacy. This took ages and we didn't leave until 15:30. Venturing outside was great, finally getting a lung full of fresh air. But it was a little daunting. Now for the 2hr journey home.
By the end of the journey I was tired and had enough. It was good to be home and the girls had made me welcome home banners!
Joyce had also cooked a lovely roast dinner. Tracey was glad to finally have some proper food, I struggled with it a bit.
It was great to be home at last!

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