Saturday, 6 March 2010

Friday 12th Feb- MOAS +10

Today I had my central line removed. This was done on the ward and was ok. The nurse simply Unpicked the stitches and removed the line. I had to lie still for 15mins afterwards to let things settle. All was fine.
The stoma nurse came by as expected and I managed to change the stoma bag without any problems. I still hate it though. She gave me a bundle of leaflets to read on the stoma care and dietary requirements. She would come back over the weekend for the final sign off.
The physio nurse also came by today. I had been walking short distances around the ward quite a bit and felt reasonably strong. So she suggested that we walk down through the next ward and do "the stairs". I had heared so much from other patients about "the stairs" and how difficult they were in our weakened state. As we left the room Ron offered to come too as the nurse was a pretty young blonde and I think he was quite jealous! I headed down the ward without problem and came to "the stairs". I was quietly confident and didn't think it would be a problem. I was right, I climbed them steadily and made my way back down without a problem. I had done well and we took a casual walk back to the ward chatting along the way.
"well as you have done so well I dont need to see you again" the physio said.
"I'm signing you off"
Another hurdle overcome and another step closer to coming home.
That afternoon I took a walk with Tracey down the the WH Smiths shop in the foyer. It was probably the furthest I had ventured so far and we used a wheelchair to come back as I was quite tired.
Tracey also gave me my first shower, it was bliss. A proper wash. I was finally feeling clean.
My bloods again showed the potassium was high and a second test was done. Again it came back fine.

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