Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sunday 7th Feb MOAS +5

Mum and Tracey came to see me around 09:00hrs. I hadn't slept well an after effect of the hallucinations. My blood results came back fine. The nurses made me comfortable and I spent much of the day sleeping catching up from the night before.
Mr Cecil came around about 13:50hrs and again said that he was pleased with my progress and that they were thinking of moving me to the ward in the next day or two. At 15:30hrs my chemo was drained some Mum and Tracey left at that point. I was also given a bed bath and the linen was changed by the nurses. I then slept for a bit. I dreamed that I was on a beach with the girls and a very strong wind picked me up and blew me across the water so fast that I was water skiing on the surface, I was getting out of control and steered into some trees at the waters edge before I lost control. Another weired dream.
In the evening Dr Morgan came around (another one of the 5 consultants that was looking after me). During that day I had weed over 12 pints through the catheter! She said that this was a good sign that my system was recovering.
My temperature started to climb today, it went from77.7 to 80 and then 84. The doctor advised that if it didn't start to fall then they would start some antibiotics and then do a scan. I was concerned about sleeping and they talked about giving me something to help me through.
That night I had another bad one. This time I had managed to drop off to sleep but when I awoke I didn't know who I was,where I was or why I was there? This was really scary and really shook me. I must have made a bit of a drama about it again as the nurse came over and had to explain to me where I was and why. It shook me up and I took several hours to calm down from it.

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