Friday, 5 March 2010

Tuesday 9th Feb MOAS +7

It was now exactly one week since the MOAS and I was doing ok. Unfortunately Tracey was not and had been up all night with D & V. The ward told her that she was not able to come visit until 48hrs after her last bout of sickness. She was gutted.
Both Mum and Dad came to visit me instead though. I had slept well and was feeling OK. Mum finally got my shaving kit ready for me as I was sporting a great beard by now!
That afternoon 5 of the six stomach drains were removed as I no longer needed the chemotherapy. It was a strange feeling as the drains went in quite a way and you could feel them being pulled out. No anesthetic was needed but I did use the PCA to give me a extra hit of morphine just in case!
I managed to sit in the chair and was a little tired. Unfortunately the fun did not stop there. A short while later I was wheeled down to Theatre again to have the central line in my neck changed from the right side to the left. This is done weekly to prevent infection. Its also done only under local anesthetic.
I led on my bed with my feet slightly raised whilst the surgeon basically cut a slit in my neck to find the major artery and then made an opening in it and inserted a piece of wire that was then stitched into place! Nice. I was then taken to recovery where they did an Xray to ensure that my lung hadn't been punctured in the process!
I was then brought back to the ward. Just as I was settling down after all the excitement the physio arrived and it was time to go walk about. I managed to walk out of my room, to the nurses station and then back again. All of about 25ft but it was a start and I actually felt that I had achieved something.
When I got back the nurse was waiting for me yet again, this time to remove all the dressings from the main wound to allow it to breathe. She was pleased with the way it looked and said things were healing nicely.
I again made it into the chair and had a bowl of water to wash my face properly for the first time in ages. It was hard work but worth it. I cleaned my teeth properly too.
I was also allowed to start drinking tea and squash so was quick to open a bottle of blackcurrant that I had waiting. I really struggled to get the lid off where I was so weak.

After all the fuss I was tired so hopped back into bed. I started to chat with the other chap in the room- Ron Thorn. He was 80 years old and a colourful charactor.
"what was your line of work Ron?" I asked.
"You don't want to ask me that whilst your in here" he replied.
"why is that?...go on..."
"I'm an undertaker" he replied!
HE was great to talk to and really helped the time pass with some fantastic stories about his job. He was a real craftsman too as he also did all the stone masonry and made the caskets as well as providing the cars etc. The business had been handed down by his grandfather ti his father and then to him. His sons and grandsons have also taken on the business which is in a small village called Alton not far from the hospital.
Outside it was cold and snow showers blew though although not amounting to much.

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