Saturday, 6 March 2010

Thursday 11th Feb -MOAS +9

Tracey could come and see me today as she was now clear of the virus. Typically she couldnt get to see me until 10:30 as I had my second chest drain removed. They also started to reduce the TPN (high calorie liquid food) that was fed through my central line as I had started to eat proper food. The plan was to stop it late that evening and then I could have the central line removed. I'd done well for breakfast and managed 1 1/2 pieces of toast. I also managed a walk again today.
Again I had to get another X-ray done as I'd had the second chest drain removed. I had a second blood test today as my potassium was high. The doctor explained that this could be simply because they took too long getting the bloods to the lab and the blood hemotised causing the potassium to spike. The second test came back fine.
For lunch I managed some mashed potatoe and a few green beans. To be honest I was just going through the motions as I really was not interested in food. I didnt fancy anything as I wasnt hungry, food was a real chore.
That afternoon the stoma nurse came by to show me how to change the stoma bag. I'd been emptying the bag myself for a while. This was the one thing that I was struggling a bit to come to terms with. I reasoned with myself that it was only temporary and that 3 months would fly by and then the reversal would be done. It was there to ensure that everything healed ok and to give the bowel a rest.I just had to deal with it for a bit. Tomorrow the nurse would come back and I would have to change the bag myself. Do it well and she would sign me off.
Tracey and Mum left me around 19:00hrs to watch a DVD. Now that I was loosing all the pipes and tubes mobility was getting far easier and sleeping was much better as I was not restricted by anything.

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